Lynn Macksey


Lynn is our president. She is a practicing CRNA in North Carolina, providing care to neonates, pediatrics, geriatrics, vascular, neuro, thoracic, GYN, GU, endoscopy, general, orthopedic, neurosurgery, cardiac ablations, and Level I trauma.

 She is the author of all of our educational reference materials, and textbooks and was awarded first place in the 2017 AJN (American Journal of Nursing) Book of the Year Awards in the Critical Care/Emergency Nursing category.

She is a gifted speaker and educator, having provided and led seminars about topics ranging from Advanced EKG to Valve Disorders and Anesthethic Implications. Lynn is the driving force behind "Education Adventures for CRNAs," our seminar business.

In addition to her textbooks, Lynn has published multiple research monographs in the AANA Journal. She is also active professionally, having served in several roles in state and national associations.

Keith Macksey


Keith   has   broad   experience   in   entertainment, themed  restaurants,  hospitality,  retail,  direct  advertising,  and education.


Since  1981,  he  has  led transformation  and  leadership  building  teams,  directed  training  and development groups, and facilitated teams  as they worked to  align personal and professional goals and strategies. 

He has designed, launched and  administered leadership development programs for Walt Disney World, Hard Rock Café, International, and leading retailers.

Keith  has  designed  and  facilitated  dozens  of  personal  growth  and  development  workshops  as founder  and  principal  facilitator  of  P.O.W.E.R.,  Inc.,  a  Florida-based  consultancy.  Currently,  he serves as VP of Organizational Development of LFM Enterprises, Inc. and lends his services to organizations in North Carolina and Virginia. 

He is the author of several academic, peer-reviewed research papers and serves as our executive editor.


Keith has a MA in Organizational Communication from the University of South Florida where he was selected as Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year in the College of Arts and Letters.  

Kim Macksey


With her degree in Exercise Science from the University of North Carolina - Wilmington, Kim provides personal training and coaching in the Wilmington, NC area as our Senior Director of Coaching Services. She worked for a large fitness company as a personal trainer before heading out on her own in 2016 -- joining us as a full-time staff member.

She has many satisfied clients at her studio and provides personalized strength, flexibility, and fitness coaching.

Amanda Macksey


Amanda has worked with us part-time as our Social Media Specialist while she completes her advanced business degree at UNC-Wilmington. She has already made terrific contributions to our online presence -- especially for our new venture, Education Adventures for CRNAs. Amanda is bright, artistic, talented, and experienced.



As you can see, LFM Enterprises is a family-owned and led organization. Each of us, in our own way, is committed to professional growth and development for ourselves and others we support -- clients just like you!

Kevin Macksey


Kevin also assists with Social Media. A graduate of UNC-Wilmington, Kevin brings a wealth of experience in the service industry and a powerful commitment to customer service excellence. People who know Kevin will tell you "He likes to win."

We're looking forward to his contributions to helping us "win," too!